GPO No 150 Candlestick Telephone

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GPO No 150 Candlestick Telephone

This one is fitted with a pulse to tone unit. Will work on any telephone network including VOIP.


  • Description

This a a very nice example of a GPO 150 Candlestick Telephone. This telephone started life with the GPO in 1911 and was a GPO No2 as you can see by the markings on the top mouthpiece pivot holder and was remarked as a GPO No150 when it had a dial base added and upgraded probably in the mid to late 1920s. I have kept the restoration to a minimum to keep the price as low as I can. It retains its original but very good two way braided bell receiver cord the body and other metal parts have had no extra painting or plaiting. As you can see it is in great condition but will show signs of use. The bell receiver has a small imperfection in the original coating but nothing serious so please see the pictures and video to make sure you are happy. It has a beautiful GPO No10 enamel number faced dial in wonderful condition. Many people like them in this very good but used condition. I have fitted it with an electronic microphone and a pulse to tone unit to allow it to be used perfectly on any network including VOIP. I have tested it on my own Grandstreem 802 on Sipgate and see no reason why it would not work with other models. VOIP allows you to have a landline telephone without paying a monthly charge and using your internet connection and pay as you go at around 4.5 per call not per minute. This has no bell fitted and so if you want the original bell sound then please buy the recommended wooden wall mounted bell linked to this listing. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge. 

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