New Clear GPO specification bell set

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New Clear GPO specification bell set

This is what can be done when a craftsman is at work.




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This is a project that has been on the drawing board for many years and has now been completed to the best possible standards. It was made by a toolmaker with a passion for telephones and could never have been taken on by a commercially led company. He will have these available in black and in limited supplies of ivory red and green. This clear example has been made as a collector’s item and will only be made in very limited quantities. As you can see it is a wonderful moulding and I doubt if anyone else would be brave enough to make another injection mould to this standard again. I was a toolmaker by trade with 28 years behind me and I believe it is a work of art. This was designed as a wall mounted stand alone item as well as being able to fit on to a telephone. As you can see it looks wonderful as an individual feature item.

Please note this is an injection moulded item and not cast and is manufactured to the very highest standards and will be limited in number.

The first three pictures are of the mouldings and the remainder are fitted to bell set to show how it can be fitted to your own internals. 

 Please note the bell set internals are not in this sale. 

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