Early 1930s Bakelite telephone

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I believe this is a great piece of London Transport History. Ideal for a collector of Transport memorabilia. NOTE sold as a collectors item and so not wired to work.


The original dial label reads Floodgate No14 and from what I can find out appears it would have been used in regards to the the floodgate at Embankment tube line. This one has a very rare and early 1930s cradle and plastic coated metal "T" bar. This telephone must have been a special made up for this special system as the handset is Siemens Brothers and the cradle is GEC as is the body. The internals are the very early metal telephone connection block type usually from the around the very early 1930s. The CB dial label plate is also the very early metal type as is the body with the metal dial mount in the Bakelite body. The generator is enormous and with the bells is all a very snug fit inside. I assume this was fitted to a specially made system which would not need the higher voltage ring current and could be rung from this powerful internal had generator. This is in very good condition with no cracks or chips. The big metal base has been hand painted which I assume was done on manufacture. This must have been used just for testing the system as the condition is great. I have not cleaned or polished and so still has some tiny paint splashes and general light dirt. As I said I believe this is a great piece of history and so have kept as is. Also note the original handset cord and line in great other than line the in being cut at the end. Please NOTE sold as a collectors item and not wired up to work. 

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