Rare A and B box for use in a telephone box.

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This is a rare telephone A and B box for use in a red telephone box.

Hard to find these old coin boxes A & B mechanism.
My parents died recently and I had a number of items stored in the loft and garage etc. This is one that has been found while clearing their house. Its in very good condition with only a few miner scratches as pictured. It is a display item as is not tested or wired to work. Not my speciality but certainly it could be placed with a working telephone inside a red telephone box and would look fantastic. It has no lock to the front door but locates in place perfectly and can be removed easily to see the mechanism is inside and clicks and wires when the front button is pushed. As you can see it was refurbished in 1972. I am often asked for these but don't often have them for sale.