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US Chrome PayPhone

    Delivery time:5-7 Days
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I Have been importing and selling these for many years now and they are very popular. Ideal for your man cave or games room.


This is the last one I have and will not be buying any more from America. This one has been laying in my loft for ten years and had forgotten I have it.

This telephone is very heavy and made from chrome plated metal. It was made in the USA. Many of the parts have been remade by the original manufacturers and some are original to produce a wonderful telephone. Some of the parts are from original dial telephones. It is fully working and ready to simply screw to the wall and plug in to the UK telephone system. This one is standing on the sill but I would recommend screwing to the back wall as it is very heavy and could be pulled over by a child.

      This telephone is fully working to both dial out and receive on networks able to use pulse dialling or dial telephones. If you want me to convert it to work on new changed over systems or voip the charge is £60. It works with no coins needed however you can put coins in and the will make a pleasant dig as they drop down and the sound is different depending on the coins value. I will supply it with a few coins to play with.

  This one has the heavy a duty coin door with keys for both the body and coin door.

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