GPO 121F dated on the rear 1925.

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This is a beautiful GPO 121F dated 1925. Sympathetic restoration.


A beautiful GPO 121F in lovely gently restored condition.
This telephone was in really good as found condition. I didn't want to take away too much of its age related patina gained for nearly 100 years. I have fitted an new two way bell reliever, braided cord and an electronic microphone to allow perfect modern use. I have fitted a 2 metre quality black D shaped plastic line- in cord.  I stripped it down and cleaned it. I gave the woodwork a light coat of shellac and a good waxing to bring out the beautiful colour, without removing any of the light scratches or dings gained over its years of service. The metal parts, where necessary, were given a very light dusting of paint after a thorough cleaning. This left the slight imperfections and the beautiful aged patina. The wiring is all original, including the ring capacitor which has been wired back into service, for two wire connection. This will work on any network including the new Voip systems from BT and Sky etc. It will not dial out unless still on the old pre Voip systems, however, it will work perfectly to dial out including "star" and "hash" if fitted with a fabulous DialGizmo. I can buy these in and make them suitable for UK systems at a further £60. I usually fit a wonderful internal pulse to tone unit, but this model would need to be re-wired and for this one would be a real shame. The dial is a lovely GPO No10, with an enamel dial face, in lovely condition. This was stripped down, cleaned, polished, and serviced. The face has some very fine hairlines, but there is no way I am removing it from this telephone. This one started life without a dial and originally had a factory fitted plate over where the dial is. This was removed to allow the dial to be fitted, probably in the 1930s. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge, or choose an original from our extensive range listed in the drop down menu. I love restoring these old beauties and day dream as I am working, about all the conversions that may have taken place through its nearly 100 years of possible use. Unbelievable to me, that these can still be used in the same way as when manufactured in the 1920s.