Rare collectors Siemens telephone. early 1930s

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This is not mine and so contact the seller direct. He is a collector and is selling this one on. Price is £295 plus £15 P&P. Contact Martin on 020 8467 3743

Please contact the seller direct and ask him any questions. The dial is a No10 model dated 1931 and with an enamel figure only face. It has a solid copper finger wheel. The base is marked No93 which is the model without a bell set. The telephone internal diagram is marked No83 and 91 which are for wiring to bellsets. This is a non working collectors item and has the original No1P earpiece and a carbon granule transmitter. If you ask him he may wire it up to work for you but negotiate with him on that. Note this is not mine and all dealings will be with the seller. Only go ahead if you are satisfied to deal with the seller direct and with no guaranties whatsoever ever from me at all.