GPO No121 on backboard No4 with writing slope.

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This is a beautiful example of a GPO No121 on a GPO No4 with writing slope.


I was asked to restore a 121 I had with no backboard etc. The telephone is original,dated 1927 and stamped on the back PX27. The wiring was pretty good and so no major changes. I did change the microphone leads as although looked great, had become broken internally. I also added an electronic microphone to bring it up to modern standards. It has a genuine GPO No10 alpha numeric dial. The factory blackened parts are not perfect and have not been replated, as this adds to the originality of this telephone. The bell receiver has some very minor damage but, although not perfect, is in very nice condition. The wooden box on the telephone was really good and so I just used a good coating of wood polish. The backboard is also dated 1927 which is really nice. It had no writing slope and so used a very good reproduced mahogany one. This was French polished with the original backboard and then both coated in polish.The match is not perfect but very good. I didn't try to make the phone and the backboard match although it looks great. It has been wired up traditionally but with an added ring capacitor, to allow it to be used on two-wire systems and extension lines. It will work to dial out on pulse dialling systems and have supplied it with a Dial Gizmo to allow it to be used after the big switch over. This unit also works with * and #, and so can be used with most automated systems and banks etc. The outgoing speech quality is up to modern standards and incoming is not as loud as a modern phone but can be used if willing to accept its not as good as your modern phone. All in all, a great piece of history and ready for the next stage in its life. Dial label to customer's details.