Black GEC Muraphone Viop enabled

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This is a beautiful example of a black GEC Muraphone.


A wonderful example of a GEC Muraphone.
This is a very nice example of a rare model GEC Muraphone. This was the later model with the more rounded and beautifully shaped handset. The No12 figure only dial is dated 1957. This one was I believe made for PAX systems and the microphone was run on very low voltage. This gave me the perfect opportunity to modify the internals and fit a pulse to tone unit. It now works perfectly to both dial out and receive on both Voip and land lines. It is ready for the the modern systems switch over. As you can see the Bakelite is as near perfect as possible. This is a stunning design and with its rounded form and you can see the look was as important as the functionality. This is a real wow telephone. It has a beautiful double gong bell and ready to plug in and go. I don't often get these in and so if you like it grab it before its gone. The last one I had was quite a few years ago. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.