Very rare Ivory GEC Muraphone

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This is a beautiful example of a rare Ivory GEC Muraphone.

A wonderful example of a GEC Muraphone.

The Bakelite parts are in as good a condition as you will find. No crazing damage repairs or discolouring. The design is magnificent with elegant curves and was obviously made as a beautiful object as much as a functional item. It has been totally stripped down and re built and wired up to work perfectly. It has a genuine No12 alpha numeric dial with a stainless steel finger wheel. This model came with either buzzer or a full double gong bell and this is the later. I have fitted an electronic microphone, a quality hand plaited braided handset cord and a round plastic colour coded round line in cord. Wall telephones are far more rare than desk sets and this one being in ivory and the Bakelite being in such wonderful condition is one not to miss out on. This one can be fitted with a an internal pulse to tone unit but be aware that it will be heavily modified from original internally and if done will work perfectly. I can supply an external unit with no modifications if preferred on checkout. Both these options will allow it to work perfectly on voip systems including when the big changeover occurs by 2025. Without either of these mods it will work perfectly as an answer only telephone and will ring in fine on all systems old and new. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.