Candlestick telephone and bell box.

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Converted for modern use with a pulse to tone unit. Ready for the 2025 switch over.

Pictures not taken yet. See the short video we did for a bit of fun. SOLD

Voip enable and has its own ring capacitor and so will ring even on two wire extensions.

It was originally manufactured by Ericsson in 1911 as a GPO No2 candlestick telephone. It was then upgraded to a GPO No150 with a GPO No10 dial during its lifetime in rental. I have modernised this telephone to work on most telephone networks including Voip systems and will work after the big changeover by 2025. This has a modern pulse-to-tone unit internally fitted and will be seen by any network it is fitted to as a modern tone dialling telephone. I have re-painted the body but left all the plated metal parts as is and just cleaned and polished them. They are not perfect and have a lovely patina in my opinion. The bell set started its life as a GPO No1 and was later changed by the GPO to a GPO 41 switching bell. I have now changed it to a No1A extension bell configuration. This telephone would have originally had to be used with a GPO No1 with speech coils etc but I have converted it to be able to run as a stand-alone telephone or in this case fitted it to an extension bell. The speech and receiver quality is very good and is fitted with an electronic microphone. The externals of this telephone are all original bar the earpiece cord and plastic line in and so are most of the internals but they have been modified and so if you are a traditionalist, please don't buy this telephone. It has been restored to look and sound original and to work perfectly. The long GPO cord from the telephone to bell set is genuine and in very good condition but not perfect. A lot of work goes into these telephones and so they are not cheap, but in my opinion, a beautiful piece of history brought up to modern standards for the future. Music: