GPO 121 on a wooden GPO No4 backboard.

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This is a lovely example and a hard telephone to find in this condition.


This is a lovely example of a GPO 121 on a GPO No4 backboard and writing shelf. This one came complete and I have only made very few modifications. The condition of the woodwork was very good and so I have French polished all the wooden parts and given them a good wax. This was not done to get it to a mirror finish as you can see, but to keep the patina with a few light knocks and make it look old but well looked after. The metalwork such as the receiver mount, bells and shelf bracket etc. has just been cleaned and a lightly polished. These parts have the original factory finish and although not perfect look better in used condition in my opinion when not poor. The ear piece and bell receiver is as good as they come.

      The internals appear to be original and just had to be wired up correctly and it worked fine. Not bad for 90 odd years old. All in all, a very nice condition telephone and very hard to find now that haven't been wrecked by well meaning people. This is pulse dialling and so may not work to dial out on many networks now or in the future. It will work perfectly to receive calls including the wonderful original bell. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge. You may like to look through our extensive range of original labels at £5.

GPO 121 on a wooden GPO No4 backboard with writing slope.