Red GPO 332L with drawer dated 1957 on the handset

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This is a beautiful example of a GPO 332L with drawer.


One of the best you will find.

This is a lovely example of a GPO 332L with drawer. It has been stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. Usually parts get switched around over the years as they go through dealers or GPO refurbish centres etc. Its nice to find that this one appears to have been kept together. Its not important and the vast majority will get broken parts replaced over its life time. All the plastics are marked PX for Phoenix which is unusual. The internals are marked 332L 57/2A and the base 332L PX55/2A. The only odd thing is the base is marked 332L PX 55/2A and so may have been changed. I only say this because I imagine the base would have been marked when issued. But who knows. Anyway as I say had they been a mix of makers that would be fairly normal if refurbished or parts broken but nice to see this one appears correct? Even the drawer front is marked PX if I remember correctly. As you can see this is a nice example and about as good as they come. It will have some small scratches and I have highlighted a few tiny nibbles where the handset is dropped on to the edges. Yes I could have removed them but I try not to over restore if they are just normal light usage. I have fitted an electronic microphone to upgrade the speech quality for modern use. I have also added a new braided handset cords along with a round plastic GPO 1960s specification line in cord. The dial has been stripped down cleaned and re built and set to the correct speed etc. It is currently set for pulse operation and will continue to work perfectly to receive calls even on Voip systems. However if you want to dial out it may well work now but in the near future the systems are changing over to Voip operation within a few years. This includes BT and so I would recommend having an internal pulse to tone unit fitted on checkout to eliminate any dialling out issues in the future. If having this unit fitted some internal wiring is taken out of use such as the dial loom. This will not be required as the unit I fit has its own loom. If for some reason you would like this kept and returned please state that in the checkout.

Red GPO 332L with drawer

This is a beautiful example of a rare GPO 332L with drawer in Red.