Ivory GPO 1/232 with drawer dated 1938

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This is not perfect and so please read the description below. I personally love it.

This was bought with a broken cradle and so has been replaced with a good reproduction. As you can see the colour is more yellow than the rest of the telephone. It has been stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. A new braided handset cord has been fitted along with a GPO spec round plastic line in cord. I have not gone mad as I don't want to remove its aged white coating created over its lifetime. The dial has been set up to work at the correct speed etc. This has been tested on our own BT line and special line simulator. If you have the pulse to tone unit fitted it will work on any network including most Voip systems. I would recommend having this unit fitted as all providers are moving over to the new systems within the next few years. It will always receive calls but may not dial out in future with out it. I love this little telephone and so wanted to keep much of its 83 years of life patina. This is a pre war model and is dated 1938 on the base and handset. The material used in this period was less stable than the later years and so forms a lovely white skin with a few imperfections etc. The mouthpiece has been replaced with a Bakelite one which matches really well and dates from 1931 to 34 ish. I have upgraded the receiver to a later and better sound quality model. I could have changed the drawer front but wanted to keep it together with the phone as the colour is perfect and it has survived together for 83 years even if it is cracked. It has been fitted with an electronic microphone to bring the speech quality up to modern standards. If you opt for an internal pulse to tone unit some of the wiring will be replaced and the dial loom is removed. You could buy as is and purchase a Dial Gizmo but you will be on your own as I do not endorse or use them. I have fitted a small bell using a special plate I have made to enable it not to damage the base plate etc. This is a very old telephone and have kept it with its patina as much as possible. This is not for a collector but someone that appreciates a time when things were made well and will give it a great home. Please see the pictures where I have taken pictures of some slight imperfection. Note new feet have been fitted as the originals had perished.

GPO 1/232 with drawer dated 1938

This is a nice used 1938 model with a nice aged patina. The Cradle is a new replacement and so more yellow in colour.