Ericsson Spider Telephone

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Beautiful craftsman built part reproduction telephone.

I have bought the last two available.

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This is a wonderful item. I had one of these around 20 odd years ago that I had in storage. I sold it around 5 years ago and so when the opportunity to buy another came up I jumped at it. The one I had was sold to an American museum if I remember correctly. You can search this site to see it.

    They were made buy a real craftsman as you can see. I am not an expert on this model but I believe it was originally manufactured by Ericsson at the turn of the last century. Most collectors could never have the chance to own an original one as they rarely turn up and go for huge sums of money.

    The handset is a standard Ericsson model I believe from the around 1920 and made for PMG as is the bellset. I bought this telephone wired up and working to some extent. The bell will ring and on answer stop and the receiver works well. The microphone is not working and I am not going to try to get it going. It looks original and the diaphragm looks damage. This would be wonderful as a display piece that actually ring so can be used as a working bellset.

    AS far as the accuracy of the manufacture I have no idea but I can see it is superb quality and made by a true craftsman. The guy that made them is in his eighties and is no longer going to make any more so I am told and so I bought the last remaining two. This sale is for one of them. I note I will have to add a 3.3K resistor to the bellset to bring the Ren number down. Cords are original from the 1930-1950s and although good and working do have some signs of age and use.