Grab a piece of British history while you can. Most have been destroyed by poor restoration.

GPO 162 on a No25 bellset. dated 1932.

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GPO 162 on a No25 bellset. dated 1932.

This is a very rare collectors telephone.

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GPO 162 on a Bellet No25.

I bought the 162 dated 1932 all original and un touched. It was a fabulous find and waited to get a genuine GPO No25 to fit with this. It is fitted with a genuine GPO No10 solid copper fronted finger wheel with its original blued finish. Note it has a near perfect enamel alpha numeric dial face. The bellset is marked 1934 and has a very minor crack on the cable entry this is very common as it must be place that is week due to the sharp moulded corners. You will never see this but I have highlighted it. Note the early and rare round double entry block. This allowed me to wire it up without making any modifications to the internals. It was a real pleasure to restore. Because I restored it to work on a modern telephone system I have made a few changes to make it usable. The main one is of course the carbon microphone is now electronic and have also changed the receiver to the late 1930s-50s model. Also the cords were great but unfortunately when all wired up they produced a horrible crackle. This meant the handset cord was changed for the fabulous hand plaited modern one. The feet were also original white rubber but had deteriorated to an unusable state. Many hours were spent to get this working correctly as with 90 year old genuine electrics they sometimes have faults. I checked and double checked it was wired up correctly and tested every thing. In the end I re flowed all the solder joints and it cured the problem.

   The time and effort that when into this one was not worth the time spent but I really wanted to keep this one as original as possible.

   This is a real piece of British history and is nearly 90 years old. It is not perfect and and nor would I want it to be. It is a fabulous example and am very proud of this one.

 If a pulse to tone unit is to be fitted the wiring may changed considerably from original.