Bubble Gum Pink GPO 746F

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Bubble Gum Pink GPO 746F

This is a new addition to the colour range. This is not printed and is made using original specification mould tools and cord etc.


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Bubble Gum Pink GPO 746F. New colour

This telephone is a genuine GPO chassis and dial mechanism but with bubble gum pink casings and cords. I know traditionalists will hate this but my daughter that has never shown any interest in my telephones has begged me for one. I know these will sell very well and I am not sure how many I can get and so if you like it grab it before its gone. I know from experience that many people have an obsession with all things pink.

This telephone is fully working and has been fully tested to dial out and receive on our BT line. I have fitted it with an essential electronic microphone for great speech quality. I can make a dial label with your information at not extra charge. In the checkout system please tell me what style of label you want. This is a newer style in keeping with this model but you can opt for the older style with red emergency services information.