This is marked No88. It is now GPO specification from 1912.

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This is a very rare find. Un touched and complete. In my opinion should be in a museum in un restored condition.

This was found in the 1980s in a jewellers window as a display item. It has survived as a complete item and still with all its side and even the rear door and lock mechanism. The paintwork is fabulous as found other the the side with the handle that has degraded slightly. The base shows some signs of age and has been stored somewhere a little damp at sometime in its life as the handset aluminium and other parts have some corrosion. Very rare to find these genuine Antiques in complete condition and un restored. Even has its original white feet. There is no way I am restoring this as i feel it will loose its patina gained over 100 plus years. Its a genuine piece of British history and was known as a Corporation Set. It is decorative and not operation and is a fabulous museum piece. it has no GPO markings but is stamped in the woodwork No88 which was the number used by Nation Telephone pre 1912. It was obviously taken into the GPO workshops and updated to GPO specification in 1912 when the National Telephone company was taken over by the GPO. This will be on my shelf to look at until sold and so don't hurry to buy please.

Rotational video

Here is a rotational video to show its condition from all angles. Its un restored just cleaned and waxed. Its by no means perfect but is complete and as found.