Genuine Green Diakon GPO 162 1937 with plain base.

Collectors telephone. SOLD
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Very very rare collectors telephone. This telephones picture was used in an article in the Financial Times on Nov 17th 2018


This is as good as they come.
I just bought this wonderful all original GPO 162 dated 1936 on handset and 1937 on base. All the parts have matching Siemens Brothers markings. The colour match is very good and this telephone seams to have been together all its life. I bought this from a top collector and I have not cleaned or polished it myself and so if it was it was done before I got it. I has a 1950s receiver and No21 microphone but I can fins the correct parts to bring it back to its original state. As you can see it is quite dirty and I have not cleaned it in any way. It has its original feet and even its original handset cord. A little frayed but still very good. I can do some some cleaning and polishing if required and modernise the early internals if you prefer but this is being offered as a collectors none working masterpiece. I have never had a better one and have been dealing and collecting for many years. Please be quick if interested as I wont get another in this condition if ever.