Polished metal Belgium Telephone

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This is a fabulous looking telephone. Often referred to as the Kettle phone due to the beautiful brass carry handle.


Polished metal and Bakelite telephone

This has been totally stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. These unpainted polished metal ones are quite hard to find and sought after. It has been fitted with a GPO No21a Electronic microphone and a new black plastic curly handset cord. I have fitted it with a best quality D shaped line in cord made by myself. This telephone has a lovely double gong ring and has been converted and tested for use and will dial out and receive perfectly. This one has to be used on a BT line to be sure it will dial out as this model of dial will be out of limits on other providers but may well work perfectly on other providers but I cannot say for sure. Pulse to tone is not an option on this telephone. The dial label comes as shown and cannot be changed.