GPO 121 on No 4 Back Board

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Totally genuine GPO 121 on Back board. Telephone marked 121 CB.



This is a lovely GPO 121 on back board. This came in as one unit attached and complete. The wood had suffered over the years and so I decided to remove all the wooden parts rub down and re stain using four coats to give it a very similar finish that many GPO 121 from this period had. I kept all the metal parts as is with only a clean and some bees wax. The Bell receiver has its original coating over the brass. All the internal wiring is original other than the electronic microphone, and a few modern wires to the microphone, dial and the braided two way receiver cord. It has a lovely GPO No10 enamel faced dial. It is all set up to work on any UK BT telephone plug socket. It may not work on "talktalk" but all other mainstream providers should be fine. Even on "talktalk" it will ring in and can be used to answer calls. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.