Ericsson N2100 telephone Circa 1901

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This is as found and has just been dusted down by me with a soft paint brush.


I don't know how this wonderful old telephone survived in this condition. Don't get me wrong this telephone is not mint perfect and has obviously been used for many years. Some of the nickel plaiting has rubbed off and the cords are well used. It still has the original wall connection block in fabulous condition. It was obviously very well cared for when in service as the decals are wonderful. It is almost impossible for a telephone of this age to survive with decals this good especially as smoking was the norm and I cannot believe they have not been destroyed. This will either go to a prop company that needs attention to detail to be perfect for this period, an Ericsson collector or a museum. I know its not cheap but am happy to have it looking down at me from my shelf as I love it. Please note, this telephone is not working and for display only.