GPO Black Bakelite No26 Bell Set

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GPO Black Bakelite No26 Bell Set

This a lovely genuine GPO Bell Set.


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Black GPO No26 Bell Set. Originally made in 1936 by Telephone Engineering for the GPO and upgraded later in its life with the internals of the day in Factory Wales Refurb. As you can see it is in great condition and fully wired up to plug in and go. This item can simply be plugged into any telephone socket in the house and you will get the original double bell gong sound as clear as the day it came off the production line in 1936. I rarely sell these as always need them for restoration of GPO 1/232 on bell sets and so if not sold quickly will probably use it myself. I have fitted it with a 3.3K resister and a GPO Decal I had made 15 years ago. If you don't want it just polish it off.