Single Art Deco Bakelite and chrome domed table lamp

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Fabulous rare item. This is for one lamp only.

Beautiful Art Deco Bakelite and chrome domed table lamps featuring exquisite pieces of cast phenol formaldehyde resin. They have been restored by a craftsman who has been dealing in classic lamps from the 1930’s for over 30 years. His stock has been collected over his 30 years of dealing. They have been stripped and inspected before either polishing or chroming. Where necessary and if unobtainable some parts have been re-manufactured or replaced to a very high standard by skilled artisans. The gorgeous resin parts are all pieces of genuine period Bakelite and have changed in colour from when originally made giving a very distinctive colouration.

Obviously these lamps are only going to be available in very limited numbers. At the moment it is possible to pair up the lamps as near as possible as the appearance of each one is unique but this will get harder as they get sold. On close inspection of the phenolic resin you will see the beautiful swirl mix of colours when manufactured. Originally these would have been pearlescent with white swirling. This original patination is what is now very sought after and hard to find.