Ericsson Pyramid Telephone dated 1943

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Beautiful war time Ericsson pyramid telephone. Made for Telephone Rentals Limited.


This is a fabulous war time telephone made by Ericsson for Telephone Rentals Limited of West Dulwich. This telephone has been totally stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. It has been fitted with an electronic microphone, a very best quality hand plaited braided handset cord in black, a new set of GPO 200 series feet, an upgraded receiver unit to the 1950s 2P, a GPO No27 coil wired up to the latest mk2 diagram and a best quality "D" shaped plastic line in with a UK telephone plug socket made with my own fair hands. This model is very beautiful with its hollowed out base. This one retains its original GPO No10 dial with perfect enamel faced dial and stainless steel finger wheel dated 1942 and the original early 162 type flush cradle. The capacitor is marked 1943. As you can tell I like this model and this one is very nice. Not many people will spend the time to make these work perfectly on the modern system and being a war time telephone give that added interest. This telephone is ready to plug in and go. I can fit a dial label with your information at no extra charge. Please if you like it don't hesitate as I rarely get this model in.