Ericsson GPO Ericofon telephone

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This is a rare Ericsson manufactured telephone for the GPO sometimes called a Cobra phone. This is a genuine telephone and not one of the many reproductions of this classic design.


This is a lovely example of a telephone supplied for use by the GPO. As a customer you had to buy this and it was not available to rent. I think only two colours were available being ivory and orange. This one is dated inside 1982 and it is working perfectly and fitted with an electronic microphone. I have photographed a couple of small splits in the back of the plastic which are very minor and I have priced this to reflect them. I am supplying a flashing wall warbler (6cm x 6cm x 2.5cm) to give a ring as this model did not have one. This model is a classic icon and was famous around the world and very sought after. the colour is great with no fading. A very cool item.