Red GPO 162 with a GPO No25 Bell Set.

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This is a very rare telephone to find. The Bakelite dial is one of the most sought after parts for a telephone collector and commands quite a lot of the value of this telephone. PS I will not split or take any offers as I love it on my shelf. Thanks to all the collectors that have made great offers.


This is one of only a few I have found that were worth me having lots of money spent on it to bring to this stunning condition. It is wired up and fully working as two separate items joined together with very best quality hand plaited braided cord. I have added an electronic microphone to bring the speech quality up to modern standards. I have left the original ear capsule which is working fine but the sound quality could be improved by upgrading to a 2P capsule. This can be changed if you tell me on purchasing in the checkout system. The handset had some cracks and along with the mouthpiece which had some stress cracks around the spittoon. The body had a crack under the dial and to the bottom right which can still be seen. The cradle had the rear right leg snapped about a third down an has been resin repaired with stainless steel pins. The dial is perfect bar a crack under the dial centre and so completely unseen. The colour is as good as the day it was made. This was manufactured in 1934 and I have had lots of collectors asking if I would split it and sell the the dial. I want to keep it together if possible as it has lasted this long that way All the repairs have been carried out by the only resin restorer I would trust to do this type of work. As you can see it is a wonderful telephone and can be polished to your harts content as no paint was used. The bell set has also had resin repairs done but looks magnificent. Note the 162 line in block is perfect and not repaired.