Very rare and sought after Trub telephone

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This is a very sought after telephone made from solid wood.


This was designed in the 1970s and produced into the 1990s. I have been looking for a good one for many years and this is the first one I could aford to buy for my site. Yes this is one of the very few in full working condition as most have now failed. This is very stylish and the only more modern telephone I would sell due to its collectebilty. I know once this is sold I will get endless emails asking if I can get another but I am afraid it is unlikely.

Please note I cannot give this one a lifetime of ownership gaurentee as I have no spares and it has a more modern circuit board that I cannot repair if it goes wrong. Pleae fully test and return for a full refund within 30 days of the item minus the postage and packing charge.