Ivory GPO 162 1934

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Incredibly rare telephone

Contact him on 07775 727885 or 01335 350202 Dont delay as he won't have it long.

This one is being sold by my friend Andrew Bishop. It has a very rare Bakelite dial which was only fitted to the very first issues and was very easily broken. If this telephone had ever been through refub the dial would have been removed. This is why they are so incredibly rare to find. This one has had a replacement cradle from the period marked ATM  and the handset has crack in the mouthpiece side. As you can see it is in fabulous condition. Collectors should be queuing up to get their hands on this. He is selling for £995.

Contact him on 07775 727885 or 01335 350202 Don't delay as he wont have it long.

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