Black GPO 248 on No44 bell set fitted with double gong bells and bell on bell off

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This is a wonderful unusual telephone.

A pulse to tone unit can be fitted at £40 click box on check out.


This is a beautiful statement telephone and would have originally been used in a solicitors office, Dr Surgery or even a small business. The call would have come in from an outside line and the secretary would have switched the call to the desired extension. This telephone had an immense amount of electronics inside and in fact so much it had no room for an internal bell. I have stripped out all the internals from the base unit except for the switching mechanism and found room to fit a GPO double gong ringer inside. I have also wired it up to allow the switch to enable the bell or deactivate by sliding to a different position. The telephone internals have been modified to work the same as a standard GPO 232 model. I have fitted a very best quality hand braided handset cord, a quality D shaped line in cord made by me and an electronic microphone to bring it back to modern standards to both make and receive calls perfectly. It has a GPO No12 alpha numeric dial and is ready to plug in and go. A lot of work went into this telephone and I enjoyed every minute but it is not something I can offer very often due to the time involved. If you like it get in quick.