Old Railway Ground/Shunting Signal

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OK not a telephone but on my travels I buy things that interest me. this has full history of where it lived its life.

This is being sold as a not working collectors item only.


This is a good solid piece of railway history. I have taken it apart and rebuilt after cleaning all the parts including removing all the glass etc. It still looks dirty but will probably never get completely clean with out a full paint strip. I thought this would make a great project and was going to strip it of paint and polish up back to the aluminium casting. I know it would look fabulous especially with a rewire job so that the lights change on a loop. In the right house it would look wonderful. However I have not got the time to spend on this project and so will have to sell it as is. It would also look great if just stripped and re painted black. If you type Knottingley signal box into google you will find all the information about this item. The signal No 411 and I have scanned the work sheet found inside the signal. Size is 42 high X 40 X wide X 32 Depth. This is being sold as a not working collectors item only.