Black U43 French Ericsson telephone

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Very beautiful and elegant French Bakelite telephone. With extra ear piece to the rear and a GPO No21a dial with chromed dial.



This is a wonderful little telephone designed in 1943 and manufactured into the 1960s. This has been fitted with a GPO 21A dial with a chromed dial. I have done this because French dials are very glitchy and so want a reliable quality telephone. This model would have been used in conjunction with a separate bell set and so I have fitted a small bell inside to allow stand alone use. This one has a spare earpiece fitted to the rear which can be slotted back into its metal holding bracket when not in use. I have fitted both ear pieces with a quality GPO receiver capsule of the same type to give perfect balance in volume when using both together. If you are in a noisy environment or your hearing is not 100 % this really helps if you use both. I have fitted and electronic microphone and a genuine GPO used but good braided handset cord with a little usage ware and a new GPO specification two plait cord for the spare ear piece. This telephone has been fully tested and ready to plug in and go. This model takes an age to restore properly as a lot of time goes into the modifications and wiring etc. I don't often get time to spend on these and so not often available. I can fit a GPO dial label with your information at no extra charge.