Rare 1945 scrambler telephone.

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This is coming in and will be available soon.


Please be quick if you want this as they don’t come on to the market very often. If you click to buy I will give you a full description and condition report including pictures and you will be under no obligation to go through with the deal if at all unhappy at that stage.

This is a very rare telephone. I have not had one for a couple of years other than two in my own collection as pictured below. This is one of my own pictured but the one coming in is the same model. These were used to keep confidential information secret over the telephone and you will see them if you go to the cabinet war rooms in London. Churchill is said to have had one that was taken with him at all times. You would have needed a big box of valves at each end to scramble and decode the conversation. This is a genuine piece of history and the base is marked with the correct SA numbers etc. The handset is marked 1945 and is a genuine green handset and not painted. The ear piece is black and both my own telephones came this way and so is the one for sale here. This one is not with me yet but I have purchased it from a collector friend who tells me it is just as he bought it and is in great condition. The label around the dial blank is a copy taken directly from an original label. I will clean and polish it and make sure it is working to receive calls perfectly as a normal telephone.

Postage and packing is £20 to any UK address.