Ivory GPO 328L with drawer

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Heavily discounted for a modification to the cradle part.






This is a GPO 328L with drawer and marked 314L on the base. This one is perfect to the untrained eye but on close inspection by an expert you will see the cradle forks to the body above the dial have a taper. I have taken a close up photograph to show you. Although you would never know and as long as you don’t slam the handset down on the tips it will be fine. This model is very desirable and hard to find and I have heavily discounted this one for what would seem to be a quite a minor modification. It has been totally stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. It has a lovely GPO No 12 dial and has been fitted with an electronic microphone, a best quality hand plaited reproduction braided cord and a GPO specification round plastic line in with a UK plug socket. It has been fully tested to dial out perfectly and will come with our lifetime of ownership guarantee.

The “bell on bell off” buttons are fully functional and original both internally and externally.  A dial label can be made with your information at no extra cost.

This would be a £525 telephone if perfect.

Postage and packing is £20 to any UK address.

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