Slight blemish so it is discounted to £69

Dusky pink 500 Series

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Fitted with an electronic microphone.


This is a classic model used in the USA and Canada and the model No is 500 series and dated from 1949. This one would be dated around the late 1970s. This is a very nice model and can be seen in hundreds of American films. This model has a beautiful ring tone and you will best remember this from the Rockford files at the beginning of each episode. The ringer is adjustable to be loud or soft via a small wheel under the telephone. This model is so popular it is now being copied and many reproductions are being sold. This is the genuine article and I have small number for sale. This one I would describe as dusky pink but judge for yourself. I only have a few in this colour and because it has a small blemish to the front right is being discounted by £20 to £69.  No dial label is offered to be personalised on this one.

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