Red Bakelite GPO No25 bell set.

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  • Description

This is one of the rarest of items to find in good condition.


I have taken lots of photographs to try to show the condition. It is completely undamaged and the colour is perfect. As with all items made from this material it has some stress cracks and some flow lines on manufacture. One darker imperfection in the plastic as can be seen in the photograph. It has no scratches chips or repairs and in my opinion the best you will ever find one of these in this material. The Plastic is marked PX 34 234 LR 4. The base of the bell set has No25 GPO TE34/234.

This has been in my collection for many years and will sell it for the right price. I never found a GPO 162 good enough to put on it and so maybe another top collector has one. I would like the buyer to see it in person as it is a very hard item to describe accurately.

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