Early Ericsson model made for Telephone Rentals

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This is one of my favourites. Read about its restoration as I think you will find it interesting.


This is a rare Ericsson model probably dating from the early 1030s. It is very similar to the GECoPHONE but with cut outs to the base giving a very pleasing line break to the base. This one was made for Telephone Rentals and so the handset is marked TR. The telephone internals were probably for use in conjunction with some kind of internal system and may well have been used on a railway system. This meant it could not be used on a modern system. However this is one of my favourite models and so I made the decision to throw lots of time and spares at it. I have fitted it with a Genuine early 1930s GPO internals and added a coil from the 1970s to allow it to work perfectly. This telephone has a beautiful double bell ring produced from its original bells and coil etc. I have also fitted a genuine GPO No10 dial with enamel dial face and repaired a small hairline to the rear body to make it perfect. I also fitted a GPO 162 cradle and a replacement “T” bar. It also has a best quality hand plaited braided cord, an electronic microphone and a 1950s receiver capsule to allow it to work perfectly. This took many hours to restore and I can assure this was done for love and not for good financial sense. I must say I got immense pleasure from this telephone and it is one of the bonuses of working for myself. One reason I will never go back to being a toolmaker tied to a grinding machine etc.

I can fit a GPO style dial label at no extra cost and you can keep the Ericsson one as well.