GPO 221 wooden wal telephone

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These are rare to find. They are often converted back to GPO 121s


This is a rare GPO 221 model. It has been kept as original as possible and so I have only fitted an electronic microphone, an un-used original four way braided handset cord and a GPO specification round plastic line in cord. I have stripped the handset down and cleaned and polished it. It is marked 184 S 43/1 I have also removed the No 10 GPO dial and stripped it down cleaning and polishing all the parts. The contacts have been checked and a new spring was fitted. The telephone was then fully tested to both dial out and receive perfectly. The internals have been brushed out and lightly cleaned. The case has been lightly cleaned and polished but not re-painted and so it still looks as it would when it was in use and still with a few marks etc. See the pictures below. Stamped on the rear is 221E I can make a dial label with your information and this also comes with the original REDCAR dial label in good condition.