GPO 162 1932

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This is a very special telephone. It came with no changed parts and its CB plate etc. Not even the microphone had been replaced since it was issued.


This has been totally stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. I replaced the parts to enable it to work correctly on the modern system but have retained the original parts for the buyer to keep. As you can see this telephone is in beautiful condition and fully working to both dial out and receive perfectly. I have fitted a wonderful GPO No10 with an alpha numeric enamel dial face. This has a small bell fitted inside using a special bracket to prevent any damage to the internals in case you want to convert back to originality. I have fitted it with a later GPO 232 internals from the 1950s that I have re wired. Also it has an electronic microphone, a set of new GPO specification feet, a best quality hand plaited all British manufactured braided handset cord and a quality line in cord made by me.