Repaired hairline crack

Genuine Bakelite GECoPHONE 1946

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This one is a bargain and only on this site for a couple of days as it will be going to a shop outlet.


Quick sale and only on this site for a couple of days.

This is a genuine GECoPHONE from 1946. The dial is a genuine GPO No10 enamel figure dial face with stainless steel finger dial. This one has been fitted with  pulse to tone unit to allow it to be used on any telephone network including Viop. This model has a beautiful full blooded double gong bell inside. The Bakelite is very nice and glossy and the handset is marked GEC. When restoring I found a hairline crack and have tried to photograph but it is very difficult to see and you would have never known unless I pointed it out. I have fitted an electronic microphone and a 1950s receiver for perfect speech quality. I have fitted it with a very best quality brown braided hand plaited braided handset cord and a quality D shaped plastic line in with a UK telephone plug socket made by me. I have a shop outlet I am filling and this will be going there if not sold in a couple days. I cam make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.