Ericsson Telephones

7 days a week 8.30am to 8.00pm. All restored telephones come with our lifetime ownership guarantee See terms and conditions for full details.

We are located within the M25 in Bromley, South London. If you want to purchase a telephone online and collect this is possible strictly by appointment only.


Genuine GPO Orange Ericofon

Very rare GPO Orange Ericofon



Red Ericofon Ericsson

Lovely example of an iconic design



Ericsson Bakelite telephone mid 1950s

Fabulous little Bakelite telephone.


A collectors Icon

GPO No 16 post 1912.

This is an iconic GPO telephone and was in use for many years. Designed by Ericsson in 1895 and in use for many years by National Telephone Company and the GPO post 1912.

Ericsson N2100 telephone Circa 1901

This is as found and has just been dusted down by me with a soft paint brush.


Restored wooden telephone C1910

Yes this is fully working to both dial out and receive. This one is sold and now pre orders are Frances and Young. We are not taking any more orders until we have more stock. This may take some time.

Sold out.


Modified Ericsson KTAS 1914

This was an early Ericsson model and modified much later to work with a dial and fitted with a more modern handset.

Miniature Ericsson wall telephone

Early 1900s Ericsson wall telephone.