Restore your old vintage telephone.

Have you got your parents or even your grand parents old telephone tucked away in a box or loft. If so what better way to unlock the wonderful memories from the past. Its not expensive to have it restored to as new condition and use it again as an every day phone. These telephones were made to last and so you can hand it down to your children. I can also convert them to tone dialling with star and hash and number memory at £40 extra to the prices below.

Have your own vintage telephone restored.


Call to make an appointment for a firm quote including any replacement parts if needed. This is a very popular service but I can usually restore them within 14 days of drop off.


Conversions are only carried out on telephones brought to me in person. The cost of postage, packing and sending them back is just so time consuming it makes the work carried out non-viable.


                  CONVERT FOR MODERN USE (basic conversion)

This can be done while you wait. Allow at least an hour.


             This assumes all parts are good and nothing needs replacing.

A quote should be sought before any work is carried out.


·        Remove all old wiring and fit a new quality PSTN cord correctly.

·        Remove the dial, clean the contacts, oil the movement and set it running at the correct speed.

·        Fit an electronic microphone.

·        Make sure the bells are positioned correctly and the striker has the correct movement.

·        Connect it to special test equipment and make sure all is OK.

·        Test on the system to make sure it is also working perfectly.

700 series £30

200 series £40 with bell-set £45

300 series is £40




FULL RESTORATION TO THE BEST CONDITION POSSIBLE WITH THE TELEPHONE SUPPLIED. (This will include the basic conversion as stated above)

Note any parts that need to be replaced are charged on top of this price.

A quote should be sought before any work is carried out.


o       The telephone is stripped down to its component parts.

o       The telephone is then rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished.

o       Any parts are replaced that are not working or damaged.

o       It is fitted with a dial label with your information.

o       The telephone is then tested as above and the telephone is guaranteed for a year against any mechanical faults or electrical faults under normal working conditions. (Not worn or damaged cords)

700 series £50

Trimphone button or dial £50

200 series £75

200 series fitting small internal bell inside. Not very loud, but ideal for a bedroom telephone £85

200 series with bell-set £100

300 series is £75

If a braided handset cord is required ad £20 to the price.