Two Tone Black/Grey Snowdon Trimphone

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This is one of the Snowdon collection of colours from the early 1980s

Sold Jonathan

As the popularity of the Trimphone reduced and BT realized the had many thousands is stores they introduced a new range of colours to pep up sales and save them scrapping many thousands of pounds of telephones. They bought in Lord Snowdon to produce a new funky range of colours and re cased existing stock and re boxed them. They were not a great success and so now quite sought after by collectors etc.

This one is a nice example with no damage and still with its long line in cord with curly section. This was to allow people to walk around with their telephone like the Americans could. This one has an alpha numeric dial back and original purple tint dialler. I have fitted it with an electronic microphone as the original carbon one was never very good and crackled and faded in and out. I consider this an essential modification if you want to use it as an every day telephone. These are fiddly little varmonts but once modified give fabulous sound quality. This Trimphone has a very distinctive warbler and this can be set to loud or soft. It has of course been cleaned and polished to as near perfection as possible.