GPO No150L Candlestick telephone

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GPO No150L Candlestick telephone

This is a genuine GPO No150 candlestick telephone dated 1927




  • Description

This is a genuine GPO No150 candlestick telephone. It was manufactured by in 1927. This telephone has been totally stripped down. This included removing all the paint and then reassembled after being sent away to be professionally re-Finished to a perfect gloss finish and in as new condition. The earpiece has been polished back to its original deep black gloss and retains all its original internals except for the modern electronic microphone to bring the speech quality up to modern standards. The original GPO receiver unit is still in place as this still performs to a very good standard. I have had this one Nickel plated to add to the wonderful contrast between the black Finnish and the to match the chrome dial. Please be assured this is not a reproduction but the genuine article. This really is a stunning telephone and not one to hide in a dark corner but to display and enjoy. The dial is a genuine GPO No12 with an alpha numeric dial face.

Now to the bell box. this was manufactured in 1932 by Ericsson for the GPO. It started life as a GPO No15 and was later converted to a GPO No1a. I have converted it to a No1 with the correct speech coils to allow the telephone to work perfectly. The wood has been French polished to bring out the grain and beauty of the wood. (Mahogany I believe). Candlestick telephones need to have the speech coils in the bell set to make it work correctly and many sold have a standard No1a bell box and will perform very poorly and will be almost unusable. Please note the bells have been polished back to brass to ad to the contrast in the telephone.

This telephone is ready to plug in and go and will dial out and receive perfectly on modern telephone lines.