Early wooden wall phone late 1890s

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A very rare telephone.


This is a wonderful early wooden wall telephone. When you think the telephone was only invented in 1876 this would have been a very expensive item and was made to a high standard and obviously had to look good as well as be functional. It has an open terminal receiver which is a very sought after object in itself and a transmitter designed to be able to rotate to allow the carbon granules to move around and prevent crackling on the line. This one is as good as you will find and has no repairs or damage. I have simply gently cleaned the outside and put a little wax on the wood.

This is not modified in any way and is a not working collector’s item. This would look great on the wall in an old house and would make a unique feature to a study etc.

Height = 8 1/2" Width = 5" Depth = 7" to top of horn

Reciever = Length = 6" Dia = 2 1/4"


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