Ivory GPO 162F (1935)

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Only had two in this condition in the last five years.


This is a rare telephone to find in such fabulous condition. It has no damage at all and is as good as you will find. The handset is very slightly lighter than the telephone but very minor as you can see and with the finest of stress lines etc. It has had the internals upgraded to a later 200 series model. This allows it to work perfectly on the modern system and means it can have a small bell fitted inside without the need to run it from a No25 bell set. I don't get these in very often in any condition and so to get one as good is this is lovely. It has a GPO No12 dial with enamel face. I can change this for a perfect plastic one if preferred at no additional charge. It has been fitted with a best quality British manufactured hand plaited braided handset cord, a 1950s receiver capsule, a GPO specification round plastic line in with a UK telephone plug socket and an electronic microphone. This all brings the speech and receiver quality up to modern standards. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.