Very rare ivory GECoPHONE

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This is a very rare ivory GECoPHONE dating from the early 1930s to late 1940s. This model was manufactured in the UK and sold around the world and many were used in high class hotel rooms or aboard ships in first class cabins etc. The Queen Mary was fitted out with the tropical version of these in all their first class cabins. I have heard it said that prince Charles has kept these fitted to the Royal train and I would be interested to know of any information to back this up.

It has been stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished and I have fitted an electronic microphone and a GPO specification round plastic line in cord with a UK plug socket. It is tested to dial out and receive perfectly. The dial is a No10 with its original perfect enamel dial face and runs as smooth as the day it was issued.

This one has a wonderful colour with no fading and only the most minor stress cracking to the cradle and handset. This telephone retains the original GEC handset cord which is a round braided type and should tell you how little use this telephone has had. I have taken pictures of some discolouration to the cradle and the front right hand base which may be a repair but very well done. The rear of the cradle also has smaller area as well.

Please don’t be put off because if you take a look at the picture it is a great telephone and I assure you I would not try to fool anyone. I am always honest in the descriptions and I know my customers appreciate this. I had the tropical version a month or so ago and have been hunting these down ever since because of the interest it created.

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