Rare Western Electric 102 1927-29

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This is a fabulous American telephone.


I have wanted to get one of these for many years and have restored this to as near perfect as possible. I would have liked to keep it for myself as it is one of the best telephones you will find, but I need to re-invest the money for new stock. It has the original handset cord and internals. I am not certain of the model being a 102 1927-29 or an early 202 1930-36 as they look identical. I got this a few years ago and only just had time to put the time and money into having it restored. It has been totally stripped down and every part has been cleaned and serviced. All the painted parts have been refinished and is now as good as when made. I have had it wired to a GPO bell set to allow it to work perfectly on the modern system. It has its original carbon transmitter but can change it if preferred. The wall mounted bell set has been French polished to a very good standard and looks great. It is now working perfectly to dial out and receive by simply plugging into a UK telephone socket. I can make a UK style GPO label with your information if preferred to the US one fitted. I only have one and unlikely to get another and definitely not in the near future so please don't miss out if you like it. I cannot tell you how many times I have one off's and then when sold I am asked if I have another. 

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