Black GPO 162 on a No25 bell set (1934)

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Black GPO 162 on a No25 bell set (1934)

A very rare to find item in this condition. Would suit someone that wants a nice piece of history and quite rare to use in the modern world.


  • Description

This was a nice find for me as I love restoring unmolested early telephones. I was surprised to find this one had not been GPO refurbished and still all original. It has its original base with lead weight and drawing. I have tried to keep it this way but have replaced a few bits to give a better performance for modern use. This was manufactured in by Siemens Brothers for the GPO in 1934-1935. The handset is marked GPO 164 S34 234 and the bell set is marked and dated 1935.The dial is also marked 1935. The dial label holder has a little chrome missing but wanted to keep it with the telephone. I have added a best quality hand plaited braided handset cord but have fitted a longer than usual one for use standing at a desk etc. It also has a best quality electronic microphone, a more modern 1940s receiver and ear cap and I have changed the bell coils to a 4000 ohm example due to a fault in the original. I believe this telephone survived due to the faulty ringer coil and may have been left in cupboard since the 1930s. Anyway I spent a lot of time on this telephone because I love it and this is the type of telephone I love to find and restore.

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