Telephone Rentals GEC 1000

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Telephone Rentals GEC 1000

This is a fabulous telephone This is a one off and am very unlikely to get another. If you like it please don't hesitate.

Ideal if you have someone in the house on nights or small children in bed etc.

"Bell On Bell Off" Flashing light that works with the bell and when the bell is turned off.

Click HERE for video of how to use.


  • Description

This is a very unusual telephone with three buttons on top. I spent hours wiring this one up to have a small internal bell. I love it and spent much too much time on it. It dials out and receives perfectly and has had no parts taken out inside but I managed to squeeze a small bell inside. Originally a buzzer would have sounded and a light flashed on the front but now operates with a the bell and a flashing light. I am not sure what the buttons denote but may be secrecy and so used as a scrambler in a secure internal system. I have wired the buttons to operate a "bell on bell off" with a light flashing light that operates both with the bell and best of all when the bell is turned off. This one is more for a collector as to make a call you need to lift the handset and press the right line button before you can dial. When the call is finished you replace the handset and the button pops up. To get an incoming call you need to lift the handset and press the button and then use as normal. If you like unusual and very pretty then this is for you. One thing is for sure you wont see another wired up and working. This is a one off and I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.

Click HERE for video of how to use.

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